Outreach Ministry

In 1991, Dr. Jessica Ingram presented her vision of the L.I.F.T. (“Living in Faith Together”) Outreach Ministry to a few women of the Oak Grove AME Church congregation who became committed to the purpose of lifting women and girls. The vision of the outreach ministry continues today under the capable and committed leadership of Sharon Brumfield.

This vision has become one of the most treasured women’s ministries at Oak Grove because it exemplifies the Great Commission “to seek and save”. It takes Christian women beyond the four walls of the church into the community, where a hands-on, love-and-hug approach can be demonstrated to sisters whose lives have been adversely affected by life’s circumstances.

The Outreach Ministry is also a vital link in the fundraising aspect of the Resource Center. Realizing that financial support is crucial to do God’s work, the ministry supports events that provide funds for the Center.

Women who have the compassion and concern to help women and girls rebuild their lives are invited to join the L.I.F.T. Outreach Ministry. Not only will you be a blessing, but you will be blessed!

Life Skills Training

The Positive Change Project is the workshop curriculum used at the LWRC. This Hazelden-based curriculum utilizes indigenous, leader-directed, small-group interaction (of approximately 20 women) to cover topics related to living and coping skills. This program assists clients to manage the day-to-day challenges of life. The program works to reinforce positive behaviors, improving a client’s recovery and life. The program consists of 6 series as follows:

Looking for Work
Explains the basics of getting ready for employment, such as creating a resume, where and how to look for work, interviewing skills, and identifying job stress.

Making Decisions
Helps clients learn how to make decisions that correspond to their lifelong recovery objectives. Activities encourage clients to differentiate between needs and wants, set life priorities, list and evaluate options, and learn how to seek help.

Managing Money
Multiformat approach helps clients identify their relationship with money and the benefits of developing a budget.

Refusal Skills
Focuses on how clients can identify potential alcohol or other drug-using situations and use refusal skills to maintain their sobriety.

Values and Personal Responsibility
Demonstrates the importance of establishing and living by a personal set of ethical values and responsibility in all aspects of clients’ lives.

Hygene and Self-Care
Answers common questions about clients’ physical needs and appearance, relating the role of hygene and self-esteem in the recovery process.

Aftercare Support Group

Provides a comfortable, safe, and spirit-centered atmosphere where recovering women can come together to discuss and share their struggles and victories in recovery.

Goals and Objectives:

    - Strengthen independent living skills
    - Prevent relapse
    - Enhance self-esteem
    - Improve interpersonal relationships
    - Ensure healthy and productive lives
    - Communicate common problems
    - Provide information that will enhance the lives of women in recovery

The support group provides a system of beliefs that reinforces positive attitudes and behavior and offers practical suggestions for bringing about change.